Your premier safety and security partner

Your premier safety and security partner

Never miss an alert with our 24/7 security call system

Experience peace of mind like never before with our instant call feature, ensuring that every alert is met with immediate action.

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How it works


Alert notification

Our system instantly receives alerts via the PAJ GPS tracker.


Immediate action

Our trained professionals will contact you or your emergency contacts via phone.


Follow up

Constant communication until the situation is resolved.

Exclusive free trial opportunity

Embark on a journey of enhanced security with our exclusive free trial offer. This is an excellent chance for you to evaluate our features and see how they align with your needs.


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per month

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Quick setup & reliable operations

Start using DEVICEGUARD within minutes after getting your trial account.


Select your device

Choose the PAJ GPS tracker device you wish to protect, like Kevin’s car or Sandy the pet. You can always update your selection later to match your security needs.


Activate and configure alerts

Customize alerts for your device, including shock, battery, emergency alerts and others. Enter up to three emergency contacts for call or SMS alerts.


Protection activated

Your device is now safeguarded with your chosen alerts and emergency contacts. Relax, knowing that we’ve got your back.

Frequently asked questions

How does DEVICEGUARD differ from the standard PORTAL Finder subscription?

DEVICEGUARD offers an exclusive 24/7 phone call service for instant assistance, providing unparalleled peace of mind through round-the-clock support and direct phone alerts to ensure swift action in any situation.

DEVICEGUARD is indispensable in a variety of situations where security and rapid response are paramount. Whether protecting a vehicle, ensuring the safety of loved ones—be it the elderly or children—or securing commercial premises, it provides unparalleled protection. 

With DEVICEGUARD, you’re not just investing in a tracking service; you’re investing in peace of mind knowing that you have a robust system in place to manage emergencies swiftly and effectively, 24/7.

After signing up, you will be placed on our waiting list. We will select suitable test candidates from all participants.

Our experts carefully review all applications and select candidates who are the best fit for our test program.

If you are selected as a test candidate, you will receive an invitation via email with further instructions and information.

Yes, during the free trial period, you’ll have access to all features of DEVICEGUARD, allowing you to experience the full range of capabilities and benefits.

The free trial period lasts for 90 days, giving you ample time to explore DEVICEGUARD’s functionalities and determine its suitability for your needs.

No, the trial access is completely non-binding. After the trial period, you decide whether you want to continue using our services.

Absolutely! Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter during your trial period. Feel free to reach out via email, phone, or live chat.

After the trial period, the standard subscription price for DEVICEGUARD is €39.99 per month per device. However, special pricing is available for bulk subscriptions, with additional discounts. Please contact us for more information on pricing options and special offers for larger quantities.

Secure your loved ones and assets with DEVICEGUARD — where 24/7 expert monitoring meets immediate emergency response. Choose top-tier security and reliability today.

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