FINDER Portal Instruction

Our FINDER Portal V2 offers extensive setting options. You can choose a variety of adjustments,  to design the Portal according to your wishes. Please find detailed instructions for the FINDER Portal and its most important setting options, as well as a short explanation of the respective points, below.

You can use the FINDER Portal via the browser of your computer or via the App, which you can download for free on your smartphone or tablet. Please choose which version of the FINDER Portal Manual you want to be displayed first:

FINDER Portal Instructions – Browser

Main View (1/5)

  • Display statistics
  • Device settings
  • Alert settings
  • Alert summary
  • Extra functions for example Logbook etc.

More information can be found on the next picture

Click on the PAJ-Logo to update the page and reload the map

A quick view of all unread alert notifications.

  • Overview of your devices
  • Alert settings
  • Routes travelled, route export
  • Amend device display

Please find more information on picture 3.

This indicator shows the current position of your Finder on the map.

The timer in the left bottom corner shows how much time is left until the next data will be shown (the position of the Finder is updated regularly, if it is not in standby mode).

Please click on the route points to find more information (time, speed etc.)

More details about travelled routes you can find in the overview of the device settings on picture 4.

Options for the map view, more information on picture 5.

User Menu (2/5)

To add your own profile picture, just click on the icon on the top left and upload a picture.

Here you can find data about  distance, journey & breaks, speed and activity.

In this list of all active devices, you can amend the settings for each device.

Creation/route allocation/evaluation of your personal logbook.

Please note that only specific devices can be used for the logbook.

Summary of all triggered alerts. You can filter the alerts by date, alert type and status (read/unread) or by device.

Furthermore you can add up to 3 email addresses which will receive the alert messages and adjust the notification tone for each alert.

Select a marker, or use your own location, to see which devices are closest to your marked location.

You can also have the route to a specific location shown. (there is no automatic navigation function)

Amend general settings:

  • GeneralDark mode, buttons of the device menu, settings of the map menu and more
  • MapDisplay settings and performance settings
  • NotificationsAlert recipients (email notification)
  • App-ModesDefault settings for use for vehicles, pets, people or businesses

Via the company user management tool you can create sub-accounts and manage access rights.
(This menu point is only available if you activate all app modes under application settings – use all features)

In your account you can look into your orders, download invoices and manage your licences (add new ones, pause etc.).

You can also amend your personal details (for example account details, payment methods etc.).

Do you have any questions or do you need help? Please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

We will be very happy to help you!

Please click HERE, if you would like to contact us.

A guided tour will show you the most important functions of the Finder Portal.

You can logout via this button. 

Here you can see which app version you are using currently.

Click/tap on  ‘Version’ to find the latest changes of the updates.

Device List (3/5)

Place the devices in a new order, create groups or activate/deactivate the display of your Finder.

(Only available with four or more devices

Filter your devices or choose a filter method.

(Only available with four or more devices)

Amend the name for this group or delete.

Switch the map display of the Finder on or off.

(If the location indicator is switched off, the routes will not be shown either)

Click on this button and you will see an overview about the device. General information will be displayed, you can filter/export routesalarms can be activated/deactivated and device settings shown.

Please find more information in the next picture.

If you click on this icon the Finder will be centred on the map and you can see the current location.

Switch all set alerts on and off with this controller. All preset configurations will be maintained.

Device Settings (4/5)

The Info button will show you general data of the Finder:

– Latest Data (last update of your Finder)

– Device Status (shows if you Finder is in active or standby mode)

– Nearest Location (approximate street name of the current location)

– Current position since (time of the device´s last movement)

Filter the displayed route with following criteria:
Data Range,  Last Minutes or Last Points 
After “Save“ the route will be displayed on the map.

Furthermore you can export the displayed route. Different file formats are available (for example .pdf or .gpx).

In this sub-menu each alert can be activated/deactivated and configured

Depending on the device model you might have different alerts available. The ?“ will show a detailed explanation and important information about the alarm. 

You can personalise  your Finder, for example in renaming  it, amend the colour of the route or choose a picture.

You can also activate theNon Tracking Mode“, which does not record the route.

The ” Share function“ creates share link, allowing others to view the finder’s location and route.

Options (5/5)

Change between 2D and 3D display of the map

Align the  map with the compass to NorthEast, South or West. You can also reset  the alignment, if you have amended it manually.

If you want to see the most frequently used route, the heat map of the portal is best suited.

The more frequently the same route is travelled, the more intense the colour will be displayed.

With Display Options you can view speed camerasbreak symbols  and triggered alarms on the map

Switch the route points off with this option and you will only see the route lines. 

If you only want to see the route points, deactivate the route lines here. 

FINDER Portal Instructions – Mobile App

Main View (1/5)

This marker shows you the current position of your finder on the map.

You can get more information about the individual route points ( time , speed, etc.) by tapping on them.
Further details on how you can display the distance covered can be found in the overview of the device settings in Figure 4.

The timer on the bottom left shows time until the next data transfer (the finder’s position is updated regularly if it is not in standby mode).

  • view statistics
  • device settings
  • application settings
  • alarm summary
  • Extra functions such as logbook etc. 

See the next picture for more information.

Here you can find a quick view of the unread alarm notifications.

Tap on the PAJ logo to refresh the page and reload the map.

  • Overview of your devices
  • alarm settings
  • distances covered; route export
  • Customize device appearance

See picture 3 for more information.

Map view options, see image 5 for more information.

User Menu (2/5)

To store your own profile picture, simply click on the icon in the black area at the top left and upload any picture.

Statistics on distance , rides & breaks , speeds and activities can be viewed here.

Here you will find a list of all active devices and you can make settings for the individual devices .

Creation/route allocation/evaluation of your personal tax office-compliant logbook.

Overview of all triggered alarms. You can filter the overview by date, type of alarm, alarm status (read/unread) or by device.

You can also save up to 3 email addresses as alarm recipients and set the notification tone for the alarms individually.

Select a location or use your own to see which of your finders is closest to that point.
You can also create a route from the Finder to a specific location here
( no automatic navigation option ).

Make general portal settings:

  • Display:  dark mode, buttons in the device menu, settings in the map menu and much more
  • Map: display settings and  performance settings
  • Notifications:  Alert Recipients (Email Notification)
  • App Modes: Presets for Vehicle, Pet, People, or Business usage

You can create sub-accounts and also manage the associated access rights via the company user administration . (This menu item is only available if you activate it via Application settings – App modes)

In the account settings you can view your orders , download invoices and also manage your licenses (pause, buy more, etc.).
You can also manage or change your personal addresses (or account data, payment methods) .

Do you have any questions, problems or do you need help in general? Then do not hesitate to contact our support. We are always at your disposal in the best possible way!

Please also click HERE if you would like to contact us.

Here you get a guided tour through the Finder Portal, so that the most important options are shown to you directly.

Use this button to log out of your account.

Here you can see directly which version of the app you currently have activated.
Also, tap/click Execution to see the changes in the latest updates for the portal.

Device List (3/5)

Reorder devices, create groups, or toggle your Finder’s view on/off.
(Only visible from 4 active devices in the portal)

Filter your devices or set a sorting method.
(Only visible from 4 active devices in the portal)

Here you can change the group name or delete the group.

Use this slider to toggle the Finder’s view of the map on and off.
(If the view is deactivated, the routes for the respective device are no longer displayed)

Tap this field to open the Finder browser . You can view general information , filter/export the route shown , enable/disable alarms and open device settings .
See the next image for more information.

When you tap this icon, the FINDER will be centered on the map so you can see your current location right away.

Turn off or on any of your Finder’s already configured alerts with this slider. All preset configurations are retained.

Device Settings (4/5)

General information about the finder is displayed under “Info- Most recent data” (last update of your finder)
– Device status (indicates whether the finder is active or in standby mode)
– Nearest position (approximate street name of the current location)
– Current position since (time the device was last moved)

Filtern Sie die angezeigte Strecke des Finders nach folgenden Kriterien:
Datumsbereich, letzte Minuten oder letzte Punkte 
Nach „Speichern“ wird die Strecke auf der Karte angezeigt.

Außerdem können Sie die angezeigte Strecke exportieren. Hier stehen Ihnen unterschiedliche Dateiformate zur Verfügung (zum Beispiel .pdf oder .gpx).

In this submenu, individual alarms can be activated/deactivated and configured . 

Depending on the device model, other alarms may be available here. By clicking on the ” ? ‘ before the alarm, you will receive a detailed description and important information about the alarm.

Here you can personalize your finder by e.g. B. rename, adjust the color of the route, or store an image.

In addition, the ” non-tracking mode ” can be activated, which means that the route is not recorded.

The “Share ” feature creates a sharing link, allowing other people to see the finder’s location and route.

Options (5/5)

With this button you can switch between the 2D and 3D view of the map.

You can use the compass to orient the map north , east, south , or west . You can also reset the alignment in this way if you have changed it manually.

If you want to see the most used route , the portal’s heat map is the best choice.
The more often the same route is driven, the darker or redder it is displayed.

With the display options , you can show speed cameras , pause signals from the finder or triggered alarms on the map .

With this option you can switch the individual waypoints on or off .
You will then only be shown the course of the route.

If you only want to see the waypoints, you can disable/enable the route here.