Frequently asked questions

You need the FINDER Portal to use your FINDER. This includes the monthly costs for the integrated SIM card as well as access to the FINDER Portal. Without those two elements, your FINDER cannot give you a position.

The FINDER portal costs €6.99 per month, €59.88 per year or €99.99 every 2 years. The prices are valid per activated FINDER in your portal.
With the annual payment you save €24 compared to the monthly licence, with the 2-yearly payment you even save €67.77 compared to the monthly licence.

Depending on your chosen licence, your subscription will be automatically renewed monthly, annually or every 2 years. You must cancel your licence before the next automatic renewal. We recommend that you do this 2 weeks in advance if possible, as it may take some time to transmit your cancellation. Alternatively, you can also pause/suspend your subscription (see below).

After logging in, you will find all necessary settings in the area of your account.

Yes, you can pause your subscription. The route data for your device will be retained, unlike when you cancel. Simply log into your account in the FINDER portal and manage your subscription accordingly under the menu item ‘Account’. Alternatively, you can also cancel your subscription and reactivate it at a later date, but in this case the device data will be completely deleted.

Your privacy always comes first and your data is treated with the utmost sensitivity. The data is stored on a European server with German administration in accordance with the German Federal Data Protection Act. User profiles are never created from your data and they are never passed on to third parties. Your data is and remains your data!

Your FINDER contains a special M2M SIM card that always dials into the best available network! Depending on the device model, the integrated SIM card supports several mobile networks in up to 170 countries. You can find an overview of the individual countries here.

No, this is not possible because the SIM card will only work in your FINDER.

We have developed the FINDER portal to make it as easy as possible to protect and monitor the things that are important to you. We have put together a complete package consisting of FINDER, SIM card and tracking portal. Everything is perfectly coordinated so that you save a lot of work when activating your SIM card and setting up your device. You only have to pay €6.99 (monthly payment plan). All services are already included in this price.

If you have just activated your FINDER Portal access, please wait approx. 5-10 minutes until the SIM card is fully activated. When connecting for the first time, please place your FINDER outdoors if possible so that it can receive a GPS signal. To establish a connection more quickly, you can also move the FINDER outdoors for a short distance (e.g. on a walk or a short car journey).

The number of FINDERs is unlimited. You can add as many devices as you like to your portal account. However, you need a separate licence in the portal for each FINDER.

Yes, you can find illustrated instructions for the FINDER portal here. We also regularly upload explanatory videos about the FINDER portal to our YouTube channel.


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