Frequently asked questions

You need the FINDER Portal to use your FINDER. This includes the monthly costs for the integrated SIM card as well as access to the FINDER Portal. Without those two elements, your FINDER cannot give you a position.

The FINDER portal costs 4.99 € per month or 49.99 per year. The prices are valid per activated FINDER in your portal.
With the annual payment you will receive about 2 months for free, because you save almost 10 € compared to the monthly payment.

According to your chosen license, you can either cancel your portal after one month or one year.

After logging in, you will find all necessary settings in the area of your account.

Yes, just log in to your account. after a termination of your access you can activate it again. Please note that position data will not be saved during the time you do not have active access. Even previously saved positions are deleted after deactivation.

Your privacy always comes first. Therefore, your data is stored with the highest sensitivity and according to German Federal Data Protection Act on a German server with German administration. User profiles are never created from your data nor are they prepared for third parties. Your data is yours and belongs to you too.

In your FINDER is a special M2M SIM card that always dials into the best available network – worldwide in 134 countries! So you do not have to worry about having enough network in the area where you use your FINDER. The supported providers of your country can be found here. The SIM card always finds the best available network.

No, this is not possible because the SIM card will only work in your FINDER.

We have designed the FIDNER Portal to protect and monitor the things that are important to you as simply as possible. For this we have put together a complete package consisting of FINDER, SIM card and tracking portal. Everything is perfectly matched so you save a lot of work on activating your SIM card and setup. Here only the cost of 4.99 € (monthly payment plan) are incurred for you. All services are already included in this price.

If you have just activated your FINDER portal access, please wait about 5 minutes until the SIM card is fully activated. Please also place your FINDER outdoors so that it can receive a GPS signal.

The number of FINDERs is unlimited. For each FINDER you will need a FINDER portal access.


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